Miami Beach Personal Stylist

Miami Beach Personal Stylist

Miami Beach Personal Stylist, Your haircut might just be one of the most defining features of your appearance. Thankfully, it’s also the one that is most easily adjusted to perfectly reflect your inner self. Are you a wild child dying to break free or do you sometimes rather just blend in? Whatever makes you proud to be you, can be mirrored on the outside. Rocco Donna works with you to find that spark.

This Miami Beach salon is more than just a hairdresser, it’s a personal stylist. That means a highly personal approach and no copy paste work around your face. Every person has their own unique beauty and this shines brightest when you feel strong and confident. Rocco Donna aims to bring this out in each and every one of their clients. Sometimes it is not the haircut that makes you beautiful, it’s the way the haircut makes you feel Miami Beach Personal Stylist

It is not just the personal touch that keeps many more and lesser-known people coming back. Leonardo Rocco has devoted himself to keep finding new cutting edge styles and innovative techniques to delight each client. What are you looking for? A Japanese straightening? Hair extensions that flow in the Miami Beach breeze? A moisturizing treatment to get those locks silky smooth? Every top-notch treatment is available.

However, it is not just about the result, is it? When you walk into a salon you come there to relax, unwind and treat yourself. An excellent salon makes everyone feel like a celebrity. This is why at Rocco Donna Hair and Beauty Art they give each individual all their TLC. There is no rush, just sit back and let their hands work their magic. This is what they call the Rocco Experience.

This vision has its roots in the Argentinian city, Rosario. Here it was where Rocco senior started his own salon and gave his son Leonardo a taste of the art of hairdressing. Little did he know that his son would take the family passion all the way up north to Miami Beach to start his own little empire. In June 2004 Rocco Donna opened its doors for the first time. Ever since that first day, Leonardo Rocco and his team have been carrying out their talent.

Do you want to learn what makes you shine? How your inner beauty can be reflected on the outside? Do you want to experience the energy of beauty? Visit Rocco Donna’s website on or visit the salon at South Beach at South Pointe 101 Ocean Drive Miami Beach, Florida.

Miami Beach Personal Stylist, We recommend that you make an appointment but walk-ins are always welcome.
We are located on South Beach at South Pointe. 101 Ocean Drive Miami Beach, Florida 33139 (305) 531.3330