RoccoDonna Hair and Beauty Art Salon

RoccoDonna Hair and Beauty Art Salon

RoccoDonna Hair and Beauty Art Salon, Your hair are arguably the most sensitive things. Most of us want our hair done by a not only just a specialist but also someone who knows what they are doing. We all want that haircut salon that you trust to get quality service and value for your money. One of such places that you can get not only quality but also value is the Roccodonna, located at the stylish celebrity beach in Miami. At Rocco haircut salon, you are guaranteed of quality and value. What does our haircut salon offer?

What we offer

Our primary focus is to ensure customer satisfaction that the most affordable rates possible. We offer the latest trends that will make you stand out from the rest. We guarantee that by the time you are done being attended by our able and dedicated team of hair stylists professionals, you will want to come back again and again. Established by a family of passionate hair artists, we have cultivated our motto from this to ensure that our team is not only of professionals but also lovers of the art of hair and hairdressing to get the best of our service at all times.

At Rocco haircut salon, we offer a wide range of services for both men and women. Our services range from Leonardo Rocco special packages that entail haircuts, blow dry and bridal hair. Consequently, we offer hair art services to your preferred style. Also, we provide even color services, texturizing, makeup, and hair extension. Importantly, we understand the problems associated with the hair. We hence offer treatment services using the latest and the most modern technology and natural hair products to ensure that such issues are of no bother to you ever again. Consequently, we make it easy for you to get all services under one roof. We have our unique services like massage, bridal services, and photo shoots. It is important to note that we are very flexible. We can offer our exceptional service right at our location on the celebrity stylish Miami beach or off to the place of your preference at a very affordable and pocket-friendly fee.

Where we are located

RoccoDonna is located on the south beach at South Pointe on 101 ocean drive on the celebrity stylish Miami Beach, Florida 33139. We enjoy the privilege of being the first ever haircut salon on this locating and remain relevant to date. For quality services and fast attendance, we recommend that you book earlier in advance on our website However, this does not mean that we do not accept walk-ins. Our doors are open to our customers anytime. RoccoDonna is your place of choice. Get quality haircut service from us and be sure of the quality.

RoccoDonna Hair and Beauty Art Salon, We recommend that you make an appointment but walk-ins are always welcome.
We are located on South Beach at South Pointe. 101 Ocean Drive Miami Beach, Florida 33139 (305) 531.3330